The Company

Optimad brings accountability to the forefront of online and mobile media. In a world where a CPM is the standard, we stand for better. We believe in only executing against guaranteed actions.

Leadership Team

The Optimad Team consists of thought leaders from a group of proven entrepreneurs, technology professionals, statisticians, media executives, agency leadership and top CPG companies. Together we are challenging and changing the way the world looks at strategy and execution of media.

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Customer Satisfaction

Optimad delivers our campaigns better than anyone else. From managing assets to matching us with the best channels to achieve what metric we are looking for, we are very impressed Alex Gold - GetWeeved.

The Solutions


“SURGE” is the best way to create interactive engagements for your marketing campaign . We use the most optimized mix of partners to reach your target audience and drive them to a branded destination.

Common uses: General brand awareness, Informational / Educational materials, consumer promotions, shopper marketing programs and anything else that requires targeted eyeballs.


"WATCH" is our non-incentivized solution to drive views to your video Content. Compatible across all platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, hosted, etc). Drive MILLIONS of views to launch your campaign with a blast!

Common uses: Promote Content, Product Demos, Webisodes, Recipe Videos, Movie Trailers, and more!


“CAPTIVATE” is a platform for delivering action-based engagements. Designed for the campaigns that require specific actions to be taken in order to hit your KPI’s.

Common uses: App Installs, Sweepstakes Entries, Coupon Downloads, Loyalty Program Signups.


“INSPIRE” is a platform for delivering very detailed and in-depth types of actions that result in a preliminary opt-in from consumers. Designed for the campaigns that require multiple and often time-consuming actions to drive high-value sale proposition.

Common uses: Sign-up for a service, Building custom vehicles online, movie or game preorders, University interest lists.

We work with clients all around the world.

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